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     Ricardo with lots of entrepreneurial experience and a background in the food industry decided to turn his passion for FLAN into business. He gathered his wife's recipe, his mother's and his own special and much liked.

     Since then he experimented quite a bit added a little bit of "this" and a little bit of "that" 
and created a very own authentic, homemade delectable recipe.  


     Staying up late, reading FDA requirements, visiting food Shows, dealing with inspectors on a city, state and federal level and most of all wanting to have the most impeccable Food Company of its kind.  "Spanish Flan Company, Inc."

     We now can proudly present to you our fabulous and most delicious FLAN, called...

Our Objective is a flan per family per day locally, soon in Texas, later in the country and to follow until seeing our FLAN in all of the homes of this wonderful Country...!

                                     Watch out It may be addictive...!!!

May be  ADDICTIVE...!